Joy and Aesthetic Pleasure to Your Lifestyle

With the advancement of AI and IoT technologies, architecture and interior design is morphing towards a futuristic direction.
The concept of beauty constantly changes according to the technological capabilities of its time and era.
This is exactly why we lay the foundation of our management philosophy in an abiding desire to improve the “lifestyle” of people,rather than to pursue “high design” itself.
The main player who would enrich this lifestyle would be neither technology nor society, but ourselves as individuals. Choosing and enjoying our own way of life is important.We have developed various businesses to assist you in your pursuit of a better lifestyle. In 2000, our online retail store of housing equipment and building materials was launched, creating an environment where consumers can choose in a fair market with a transparent pricing system. Designing spaces is a form of self-expression. Rather than conforming to unified standards, we nurture our own creativity and sensitivity that will enrich our lives, by having the opportunity to make “decisions by ourselves” for each ideal lifestyle based on diverse tastes for design.I firmly believe that the dissemination of our corporate activities would contribute to reforming the conventions of spatial design,and lead to revitalization of the building and housing market in Japan.“Striving to improve society to the fullest with our hands”
This is the underlying philosophy of sanwacompany since its establishment. At the founding place in Osaka, we will continue our pursuit to become the corporate group of choice that is most needed for the “lifestyle” of people around the globe.

Taro Yamane,
President of sanwacompany Ltd.


Joy and Aesthetic

to Your


We aspire to be the most needed corporate group based in Osaka
for lifestyles around the world.

We offer not products
but ideal spaces.

Through continuous innovation
born of dialogue with our customers,
we provide new value
to all our stakeholders

Through our business activities,
we strive for a sustainable society
and global environment,
and create a bright future for children.


Customer first

We think from the customer’s perspective
and provide reliable,
attractive products and services.


We take on challenges toward our dreams
with a sense of cheerfulness,
joy, optimism, and passion.


Action over criticism—we take action voluntarily
and above all with a sense of speed.


Results over process—we take action
with a focus on the fundamentals
and efficiency.


We think outside the confines of precedents
and customs, and seek new value at all times.


We ensure compliance and keep our promises,
always being mindful of the position of others.

All for one, One for all

We respect one another as individuals within sanwacompany and at our business partners,
work as a team toward common goal, and promote mutual growth.


sanwacompany Brand ensures
“A Space that Continues to Inspire”.



    Internationally Recognized sanwacompany Design

    sophisticatedly designed products are essential to provide a stylish space. Our in-house products that are developed around the design concept of “minimalism” have a high international reputation, and have garnered numerous design awards.
    This includes the “Salone del Mobile.Milano Award” at the Milano Salone International Furniture Fair in 2018, where sanwacompany was honored to be the first Asian company to receive the award.



    Vast Lineup of Products for Total Coordination of Your Space

    sanwacompany offers a wide selection of products for personalizing your space, many of which are rarely seen in typical houses built for sale. Our main lines are modular kitchens, washbasins, baths and other products all developed in-house, as well as products selected from manufacturers all over the world to be sold exclusively through sanwacompany. As a housing equipment company, we offer a top-class quantity of product categories, for creating distinctive spaces not only in residential projects, but also commercial projects such as retail storefronts, offices, and hotels.



    Innovating the Industry with ”One Price” for All Customers

    We have defied conventions of the general building materials industry by offering products at the same price under the same conditions regardless of who purchases them, bypassing intermediaries that increase costs. By simplifying the complicated distribution process, we eliminate the ambiguity in sales price, and offer easy-to-understand pricing and reasonably priced high-quality products.