Sanwa Company Pattina Compact Kitchen


With the matte black frame, rough wood grain pattern, and Italian-made ceramic tiles, the frame kitchen “PATTINA COMPACT” has a modern atmosphere as well as an enhanced vintage taste. Virtues of both old and new are expressed in this “old-fashioned” new design, created by combining a modern design with materials, and simple construction. The design that leaves space between the floor and cabinet expresses a sophisticated delicacy and levitating lightness, by using 20mm-narrow L-shaped angles for the frame. The counter top is Italian-made high-quality ceramic tiles. The product provides a sanitary and functional space for cooking. The surfaces of the cabinet and doors use DAP (diallyl phthalate) resin sheets, which are currently manufactured only in Japan. It is an excellent decorative material with outstanding surface hardness, electric insulation, formability, and resistance to contamination, abrasion, heat, water, and chemicals. Since the material does not contain formaldehyde, it is also a green material that degrades into carbon dioxide and water by combustion.

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