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System Kitchen

Create your ideal unique kitchen space with sanwacompany's well-designed system kitchens. We offer a wide range of kitchens with minimalist designs to harmonize with your entire home, including stainless-steel system kitchens that have won the Good Design Award, With the flexibility to create your own unique kitchen space, you will enjoy the beauty of sanwacompany's excellent products.

Compact Kitchen

sanwacompany provides a wide range of compact kitchens including stainless-steel kitchens that has won the Good Design Award, affordable all-in-one kitchens, luxurious mini-kitchens, and specially designed kitchens that showcasing the craftmanship. Our compact kitchens not only have outstanding designs but also offer the entire function, which are recommended for small rental apartments, as well as for the use in offices and second kitchens.


We offer a variety of vanity products, including integrated vanities that combine storage and mirrors, as well as counter type vanities that can be customized with your preferred washbasin. Whether you want to have a hotel-like space or an Asian resort style, you can create your ideal vanity place as your wish.


sanwacompany offers a wide selection of washbowls. More than 200 products are available including cutting-edge designs crafted by top manufacturers, and models are made of artificial marble and stainless steel. You will find a washbowl that matches your home design to create an ideal washroom space.


We offer a wide range of products to create your ideal bathroom for relaxation: from original system bathroom with customized wall panel and flooring, to stylish bathtubs, shower boot, and toilet-related products handcrafted by Italian artisans.

Door & Partition

sanwacompany has a various products lines of doors and architectural components to meet customer needs, including doors with the height of up to 2,700 mm that creating an open space, and glass partitions with large glass panels fitted into slim aluminum frames. After being carefully designed, our products can create a unique and expansive space for you.