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System Kitchen

Create your ideal unique kitchen space with sanwacompany's well-designed system kitchens. We offer a wide range of kitchens with minimalist designs to harmonize with your entire home, including stainless-steel system kitchens that have won the Good Design Award, With the flexibility to create your own unique kitchen space, you will enjoy the beauty of sanwacompany's excellent products.

  • System Kitchen

    Enjoy the beauty of all-stainless-steel of original system kitchen
    All stainless-steel kitchen that pays attention to the beauty of details. The sleek straight lines connect the Living, Dining, and Kitchen areas, creating a high-grade space from every angles.

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  • System Kitchen

    An Extraordinary Stainless-Steel Frame Kitchen Designed with Minimalist Philosophy
    This is an all-stainless-steel kitchen crafted with a minimalist approach, composing only the very essential functions. Its sleek and neat design showcases the beauty of simplicity in your kitchen space. One of its appealing features is that it allows you to customize the space according to your lifestyle, whether it's adding extra shelves or installing additional storage. The frame kitchen offers excellent ventilation and easy cleaning, creating a consistently elegant environment. With its unique design, Osso meets the unique preferences of those who use it.

  • System Kitchen
    Elevato ex

    Top kitchen Model Designed to International Standards
    We have elevated ELEVATO EX to become a globally standardized high-grade kitchen. It features storage with dinning-side compartments.

  • System Kitchen
    Plain-k medium

    Great Work of Artisan Craftsmanship
    System Kitchen that is Made in Japan

    Plain K Medium is a system kitchen that made in Japan, which represents the craftsmanship in every detail and the mastery of Japanese artisans. We offer four colors to meet a various range of settings and space arrangements for you. This kitchen features a wide all-slide storage without dividing boards, presenting an extensive room for pots and bowls while maintaining a clean aesthetic. It also equipped with its user-friendly, large-sized multifunctional sink. Combining both design an practicality, 'Plain K Medium’ is a true work of excellence.

Compact Kitchen

sanwacompany provides a wide range of compact kitchens including stainless-steel kitchens that has won the Good Design Award, affordable all-in-one kitchens, luxurious mini-kitchens, and specially designed kitchens that showcasing the craftmanship. Our compact kitchens not only have outstanding designs but also offer the entire function, which are recommended for small rental apartments, as well as for the use in offices and second kitchens.

  • Compact Kitchen

    Sency----Compact Kitchen that fully Presents the Texture of Metals
    Sency is a compact kitchen that fully presents the texture of metals such as steel and stainless-steel. By crafting the worktop and side panels as thin as possible, we have made this product simple, sharp, and high-quality. The cabinets are covered with embossed paint, which keeps the luxurious matte surface clean, and dirt resistant.

  • Compact Kitchen

    'Stainless-Steel Kitchen that Creates an Elegant Space in Small Rooms
    'Stainless-Steel Kitchen that Creates an Elegant Space in Small Rooms sanwacompany's original stainless-steel kitchen 'GRAD 45' — with using high quality of stainless steel, represents our passion for design and craftmanship. GRAD 45 Compact is designed with the same concept, pursuing the beauty of seamless finish in the corner section , to maintain a clean and sleek appear, the upper part of the drawers has been designed with an easy-to-grip shape,with removing the handles and paying extra attention to the simple design. Moreover, polishing the stainless steel showcasing the fine hairline patterns, with focusing the linear design, this product became the best choice for designer apartments and second kitchen.

  • Compact Kitchen
    Compact kitchen 430

    With the inspiration of a stainless-steel box, we have pursued a minimalist design by eliminating elements such handles that might cause the unbalance of its smooth aesthetic. This is stainless-steel kitchen that has won the Good Design Award for its "minimalist style," which has minimized unnecessary decoration. It perfectly coordinates the background, expanding the possibilities for layout and arrangements.

  • Compact Kitchen
    Plain-k petit

    A plain and compact kitchen that is well utilized in studio apartments and multi-generational households
    Plain-K Petit is popular not only for its simple design, but also for its wide selection of faucets and heating equipment. We offer two colors: a fresh white and sleek black, which gives a metropolitan and chic impression. Whether it's a studio apartment or a multi-generational households, you can have a modern kitchen as the pictures show with a reasonable price.

  • Compact Kitchen
    KNS Compact Kitchen

    KNS X sanwacompany Collaboration
    Karimoku New Standard, founded in 2009 by Karimoku, a Japanese wooden furniture manufacturer, is a brand that combines innovations with outstanding manufacturing techniques. KNS Compact Kitchen is the first collaboration between KNS (Karimoku New Standard) and sanwacompany. This product combines sanwacompany's expertise in compact kitchen manufacturing with KNS's woodworking skills and experience. The concept of the collaboration is around the hybrid of the functional kitchen unit and a wooden sideboard, which brings a fresh and unique touch to the space.
    Size: W1200/1500 x D637 x H850mm


We offer a variety of vanity products, including integrated vanities that combine storage and mirrors, as well as counter type vanities that can be customized with your preferred washbasin. Whether you want to have a hotel-like space or an Asian resort style, you can create your ideal vanity place as your wish.

  • Vanity
    Sency Vanity

    A vanity fully presents the rich texture of metal
    Sency Vanity presents the beautiful texture of metal, with using steel and stainless-steel materials while keeping the simple and sharp design by crafting the countertops and side panels as thin as possible. The cabinets are covered with high-quality embossed paint, while the countertops and bowl are layered with hybrid paint that combine inorganic and organic materials, which makes this product have an excellent resistance to stains and weathering. The matte surface is crafted in same color, harmonizing with the entire design. Furthermore, wall-mounted design make the washroom space clean and light.

  • Vanity

    An outstanding vanity with a slim and lightweight frame
    Fine, an outstanding vanity has been given multiple rewards globally for its extraordinary design. The product stands out for its thin frames, which delivers a light and sharp image for itself, and allows it to expand the space visually. We also provide 2 colors for the washbowl with the matte finish, white and gray Additionally, the knockdown assembly method is available for this product, it allows on-site assembly, and delivered in a compact package to save space during the transportation and storage.

  • Vanity
    Plain-v Upright

    A Well-Designed Vanity that Promises Satisfaction, which Brings the Quality to The Next Level
    With its high-back stands against the wall, the design of Plain-V Upright is inspired by upright piano. Equipped with a deep sink and shower-type faucet, both of which were frequently requested by designers and architects, its user-friendly design has become popular even by larger families.

  • Vanity

    A Minimalist Vanity Designed with Clear Lines and Surfaces.
    liclair can create your unique washroom space by being equipped with your preferred washbowl and stand. To create a washroom space that can bring you the experience of luxurious hotels, liclair is your best choice. With using simple lines and surfaces, Liclair is designed with the minimalist philosophy that allows it to match any washbowls. Furthermore, it provides large storage for accessories to maintain the space clean and tidy.
    Floating type:W750/900 x H365 x D550mm
    Drawer type:W750/900 x H690 x D550mm


sanwacompany offers a wide selection of washbowls. More than 200 products are available including cutting-edge designs crafted by top manufacturers, and models are made of artificial marble and stainless steel. You will find a washbowl that matches your home design to create an ideal washroom space.

  • Washbasin

    Stylish Design and Deep Washbowl that Meets Lifestyle Needs
    Expecting to create a fashionable washroom space? However, practicality also plays an important role for a washbowl, which should be also user-friendly. Fucca is the perfect match for those wants both. With its thin, sharp edges and matte texture, and a color line up that includes black and gray, Fucca adopts the latest trends, it is designed to be installed on the countertop, presenting a clean impression with providing more space and depth that it appeals.
    Material:Artificial marble
    Size:W450/600 x D450 x H270 mm

  • Washbasin
    Rettangoro Washbowl

    The Square Shape and Matte Texture Unique to Artificial Marble
    With the same concept as the compact Kitchen Rettangoro, this washbowl also has the thick material and simple design. With using artificial marble, Rettangoro Washbowl has a square shape with sharp edges and matte finish, which cannot be crafted by ceramics. With its depth, this washbowl also offers a worry-free experience by preventing the water splashing with allowing the storage of water, making it convenient for soaking and other usages. For this model, a simple white and a trendy gray are both available.
    Size: W600/750×H150×D450mm

  • Washbasin

    Cara—a Masterpiece of Japan's Metalworking Techniques, Creating an Aesthetic Beauty with Thin and Flat Surfaces.
    Cara is a washbowl that crafted through the combination of Japanese sheet metal and welding techniques, which makes the surfaces of Cara thin and flat. With the base of stainless steel, the washbowl is coated with a high- hardness, stain-resistant, and weather resistant inorganic+organic hybrid paint. An open storage space is designed under the washbowl for towels and toiletries.
    Size: W400/600xD400xH400 mm

  • Washbasin

    Pursuing the Trend of This Edge Lines
    The design of thin edges has become a rencent trend. Asse has thin edges that cannot be created by artificial marble nor ceramics. With the base of stainless steel, Asse is coated with a high- hardness, stain-resistant, and weather resistant inorganic+organic hybrid paint. With offering black and white options, Asse can be adopted harmoniously with various space styles. Whether installed individually ot in multiples, Asse creates an elegant atomosphere.
    Size: W350/500 x D350 x H120 mm

  • Washbasin
    Orlo nof

    Orlonof— a Cutting-edge Design with a Matte Texture
    With its cutting-edge and sharp design, combined with stylish colors, and matte texture, Orlonof makes it possible to have a minimalist and modern washroom space. A removable plate on the top of the washbowl is designed for placing small items, which can also be moved left and right for extra convenience.
    Material: artificial marble

  • Washbasin

    A stylish and elegant morning routine in the washroom might make your entire day different
    Caliza is designed by Roberto Franco from Barcelona, and it was brought to life through Made in Japan quality with heat resistant and acid resistant artificial marble.
    Material: artificial marble

  • Washbasin
    SUS Caliza

    A stainless-steel square washbowl that stands out for its sharpness
    SUSCaliza is the stainless-steel version of Caliza, which has simple and beautiful design. With stainless-steel, SUSCaliza that guarantees durability and keeps the entire washroom space clean.
    Material: Stainless-steel
    Size: W600/750/900 x D400 x H100 mm

  • Washbasin

    The Beauty of Stainless-Steel Craftsmanship
    The stylish circular design of 'Spinning' is the result of a tranditional technique called 'spinning' or 'herashibori' in Japanese. To create Spinning, stainless-steel is shaped into a circular bowl through 'herashibori' technique, with rolling a flat metal sheet into the skirt part, then combined those parts together through welding. Spinning was awarded the German Design Award for its artistic beauty created by a limited number of Japanese craftsmen.
    Material: Stainless-steel
    Outer size: φ350 × Height 135mm

  • Washbasin

    Creating Space with a Mini Size Stainless Steel Handwash Basin
    Angolo, a mini size handwash basin that maximizes the usage of limited space. It is crafted with 3mm stainless steel countertop, providing durability and easy maintenance. Angolo series offers 2 models: Angolo, fitting into the corner perfectly, and Angolo Flat, designed for installation on a flat wall.
    Material: Stainless-steel
    Size: W350 x D350 x H110 mm

  • Washbasin

    Flavorful Space Created with Traditional Shigaraki Ceramics
    Shigaraki series washbowls is a beautiful modern adaption of Shigaraki ceramics that were closely integrated into daily life during the Edo period in Japan. Shigaraki series' popularities are from beautifully fired high-quality clay, and Japanese traditional techniques.

  • Washbasin
    shigaraki concrete

    New 'Utility and Beauty' of Shigaraki Product, Created for Pleasure in Daily Life
    As one of the six ancient kilns in Japan, the technique of Shigaraki is originated in Shigaraki, Koka City, Shiga Prefecture during Kamakura period. With its unglazed and simple appearance, Shigaraki Concrete harmonizing with modern designs and spaces. While maintaining the quality of traditional craftmanship, this product can be adopted as a beautiful daily item for a long time. Shigaraki Concrete is also recommended for hotels and resorts for its elegant and refined design.

  • Washbasin

    Compact and Practical Design with Space-saving Effciency
    Pratico is a slim and space-saving wall-mounted hand wash basin with a depth of 17cm. Crafted using Japan's metalworking expertise on stainless steel, its minimalist design with thin edges delivers a refresh image to users. The high-hardness coating ensures extraordinary durability, while the high-back design preventing water splashing, adding to its practicality.

  • Washbasin

    Adding 'Playfulness' and 'Simplicity' to Your Lifestyle
    'Beautiful transparency' is the next trend in living spaces which has been attracting attention at overseas exhibitions. C-Slu is the product that anticipates such trends. Even in small spaces, with it clutter-free and simple design, it brings a sense of expansiveness to the space. Furthermore, it has sharp edges that cannot be crafted glass nor ceramics.

  • Washbasin
    Lepto inwall

    A Designed- Focused Slim Inwall Model
    Lepto Inwall is the inwall model of Lepto handwashing basin. With only 51.5mm from the wall (for a wall thickness of 130mm), this product showcasing the exceptional design of space-saving, earning it the IF Design Award 2016. By installing the drainage system within the wall, it creates a neater toilet space.
    Materials: Artificial marble
    Size: W460× D250 × H800mm

  • Washbasin
    Lepto counter

    Utilize Blind Spot in Your Toilet with a Counter Wash Basin
    With a slim design of 170mm depth, Lepto Counter can be installed against the wall. It has won numerous international design awards for providing handwashing and storage spaces in a compact toilet area while creating a modern atmosphere. This product provides both floor-standing and wall-mounted versions, it can be used not only in toilet but also as a sub-sink in kitchen and living spaces. The counter can be cut on-site to fit the space.
    Wall type:W1820 × D170 × H550mm
    Stationary type:W1820 × D170 × H800mm


We offer a wide range of products to create your ideal bathroom for relaxation: from original system bathroom with customized wall panel and flooring, to stylish bathtubs, shower boot, and toilet-related products handcrafted by Italian artisans.

  • Bath

    Create Joyful Bath Time Through the Elegant Design and Coordination

    'Novum', a stylish system bathroom with elegant design and great function, providing 15 selections of wall panels for adding colors to the space, and large bathtub for extra relaxation. Furthermore, we offer optional upgrades such as original stainless-steel mirror shelf to enhance your bathroom experience. With 7 sizes available, we are committed to providing you with a comfortable space tailored to your preferences.

  • Bath
    Shower Booth 700

    Enjoy Elegant Time in a Shower Booth with Premium Design Showering is a more casual way to refresh than bathing, which makes it a better choice for busy lifestyle in nowadays. Shower Booth 700 is equipped with the floor that creates a pleasant experience for wet feet, and coordinates with the wall panels in a similar color. Including environmentally friendly wall panels and stylish vertical mirrors, Shower Booth 700 offers extra options to increase your experience in the Shower Booth. Ceiling heights are available in 3 sizes, and depths in 2 sizes. For model 0712, a single-opening door is also available for customization to fit your preferences. Shower Booth 700 provides you the relaxing time with its space-saving design that combines design aesthetics and functionality.

  • Bath

    A Clean and Spacious Glass Enclosed Shower Booth with a Minimal Design
    'Traspa' highlights a Minimal design with only essential elements. It is enclosed in tempered glass, which offers an excellent durability while maintaining an open and decent presence. Its space-saving design allows for an easy integration in bathrooms and powder rooms.

  • Bath

    Create a Thoughtful Space with the Half Wall Bathroom
    Want to have a stylish bathtub in the bathroom? Yet also considering having a unit bath for its waterproofing and easy maintenance? Half Wall Bathroom Balnea will be the one for you! It combines the advantages of unit bathroom and conventional bathroom. For freestanding bathtubs, we keep the heating pipes underground which are usually exposed between the wall and the floor. Furthermore, we have designed the bathtub's drainage system to prevent water from flowing into the shower area. You can choose your preferred bathtub and tiles to create your ideal bathroom space.

  • Bath
    Ofree highback

    Create a Peaceful Bathroom at Home, Enjoy the Comfortable Bath Time with the Headrest
    We are determined to make your bathing time at home just as wonderful as what you can have in luxury hotels. Therefore, we cooperate with the product designer Mr. Jin Kuramoto to create the high-back version of 'Ofree'. The headrest with its organic forms makes it possible to rest your head, providing the sense of security and comfortability for your body and mind to relax. The interior side of the bathtub has a smooth texture, while the exterior presents a beautiful matte finish.

  • Bath
    Ofree pillow

    Relax Your Vision and Body in Gentle Forms
    The pillow-type design of Ofree Pillow has a generously curved form that makes you want to touch it spontaneously. The gently sloping headrest provides support to both of your head and body comfortably. Different from high-back type of bathtub that has protrusions in the shape, Ofree Pillow is a great choice for people who want to relax in an open space. Enjoy the great bath time that you can relax both your vision and body!

Door & Partition

sanwacompany has a various products lines of doors and architectural components to meet customer needs, including doors with the height of up to 2,700 mm that creating an open space, and glass partitions with large glass panels fitted into slim aluminum frames. After being carefully designed, our products can create a unique and expansive space for you.

  • Door & Partition
    Quadro Slim

    Quadroslim--High-Quality Glass Partition
    Quadroslim is a high-quality glass partition that is inspired by Japan's traditional sliding doors, which fuction as a partition that maintains a sense of distance within the same place. With a 16mm frame and the glass, this minimalist design also connects spaces, and creates an elegant atmosphere without any obstructions. Multiple options are available for Quadroslim, including sliding, and swinging doors, and fixed partitions. With its unique high-end and luxurious architectural components, Quadroslim makes it possible to expand the potentials of the space.

  • Door & Partition

    Industry-leading Height of 2700mm, Creating an Elegant Space with Tall Doors With the height that reaches up to the ceiling, 'Noppo' also coordinates easily with other spaces and components. Surpassing the previous 2400mm, the new high-door specification of 2700mm is available now. In addition, the model with an embedded soft close has been launched, as well as the trendy color options has been upgraded. With a wide variety of choices and designs, Noppo can meet all your preferences.

  • Door & Partition

    Mr.DELICATO is a stylish storage system that changes its forms depending on users' preferences. By freely arranging shelves and boxes on the aluminum stands, you can design the storage space yourself. Mr.DELICATO does not only serves as wall storage, it also can be used as a room partition as it can be used from both sides. Along with other products such as Ms. Moderno, you can create closets or storage room in your house. Enjoy storage that will become the leading role in your interior with your preferred combination at your favorite place.

  • Door & Partition

    ‘Storage’ and ‘Decoration, Pittala Creates Your Ideal Storage Space
    We offer customizable sizes from 250mm to 1800mm in 1mm increments. 8 colors are available including trendy gray. Additionally, Pittala series also provide TV boards and other related products. Whether it's for living room, kitchen, washroom, or entrance, Pittala can provides various solutions to fit in. Furthermore, the floating model of Pittala is also available, which makes it possible for you not only to store wisely, but also allows you to enjoy the pleasure and the beauty brings by the great design.

  • Door & Partition

    Pittana--a Single Display Shelf That Decorates your Space
    Pittana is a single display shelf that can be coordinate with other product, which can be customized in 1mm increments. It has a only 7.5mm of thickness from the front view. The minimalistic floating design increases storage space that allows you to display accessories that you like with a thin shelf, and enjoy enjoy various storage spaces for showcasing in different zones.


  • Other

    Tubo—— a Playful Bathroom Accessory with Mimalist Design
    Tubo is composed of thin and beautiful rounded pipes adding gentle and light touch to washroom spaces. While being Made in Japan, Tubo's price is reasonable and affordable. With its classic and timeless design, and the new colors of bronze and gray, it coordinates harmoniously in various spaces.

  • Other

    Modern Seamless Column Mailbox with Minimalistic Design
    Ospole is a column mailbox that integrates basic features such as mailbox and a commercially available built-in intercom. Its seamless minimalist design harmonizes with the exterior of any houses while presenting itself quietly. Available in Glossy Stainless-Steel to maintain the original stainless-steel texture, and Matte Black and Matte White, which gracefully coordinates with the entrance door or hallway.

  • Other

    Minimalist Style Creates by 'a Single Board'
    The entrance of residences often involves various elements such as door, nameplate, mailbox, and intercom, making it challenging to unify the design style. Intercom cover can be difficult to design particularly. For whose who wants to have a neat and clean entrance area, Osboad intercom cover is the best fit, which features a minimalist design. Bretta mailbox, created with the same concept of Osboad, is recommended to be set long with Osboad to create a unifies entrance area.