What is the REDDOT Design Award


This is an international product design award originating in Germany.
Products launched in the prior two years are submitted and judged to elect the best ones based on nine criteria including “degree of innovation”, “functionality”, “ecological compatibility” and “durability”. Together with the “iF design award” in Germany and the “International Design Excellence Awards” in the USA, the Red Dot Design Award is one of the world’s three major design awards. >Official Site

Awarded products of Sanwa Company



Product Outline

Fine is a minimal-style washstand unit designed with simple but stylish bare frames. Fine frame structures assembled with the sink and mirror convey a simple, neat and spacious feel. Screws are concealed from the user’s view to enhance the unit's neatness and simplicity. As the unit is assembled on site, i.e. a knockdown system, the packing size is also reduced, which can simplify the carry-in and transportation processes and reduce the amount of temporary storage space. The edges of the sink curve smoothly, thus obscuring boundaries between the sink and the top panel. The sink is 120 mm deep to facilitate usability.


Product Outline

Coordi is a fashionable bathtub for coordinating and creating a bathroom with a joyful tone. With options of a flat-type and L-type detachable apron, the tub provides flexible choices for fitting into different layouts. Six smoky color variations selected from fashionable PANTON interior colors are available for the apron. The bathing space inside the tub is maximized due to the ultra-thin bathtub walls.

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