OUR PRODUCT Focusing on products developed in Japan
MERCHANDISING PRODUCT Selecting overseas products
PRODUCT LINE UP Products we handle

Products that have received design awards

We introduce products to customers, including those developed by Sanwa Company, which have received various design awards due to their excellent designs.

Focusing on products developed in Japan

We leverage our know-how, which we have developed making design proposals and developing custom-made products, to achieve the high quality that is the hallmark of products made in Japan. With our high technical abilities, we propagate our minimalistic design around the world.

Selecting overseas products

Our buyers, with their discerning eyes, seek and purchase construction materials that match our concept, while monitoring global trends. Our aim in the import business is to help owners achieve a design for a space that reflects their choices.

Products we handle

At all times, we have a wide range of products representing the top quality in our industry, including kitchens, washstands, face washing bowls, baths, storages, and fittings, as well as such largely imported products as tiles, natural stones, bricks, glass, Spanish tiles, and wrought iron. Our aim is to offer customers various design choices in a product category.