Minimalism × The real thing does not embellish itself


We aspire to propose to customers a simple, refined, and beautiful design that does not have any superfluous elements. This means a design that is simple but, as a mode, is conceptually rich, and one that asserts itself.

Subtraction of design

Why do we stick to minimalism? It is because we think that in today’s lifestyles, whose focus has been changing from material affluence to spiritual satisfaction, minimalistic design serves as the ideal design concept.

Design concept encompassing simplicity

Kitchens and face washing bowls featuring simple designs refine the impression of the space in which they are placed, and change your life. We hope that when surrounded by products with refined designs, you will enjoy a new life that is more exciting and comfortable than that in the past.

Good Design Award

Five products embodying our design concept won Good Design Awards in 2014. They comprise Curvy (a face washing bowl), Leapt in Wall (an embedded utensil for hand washing), Posta de Muro (multiple mailboxes), Osso (a kitchen), and Stainless Unit Shelf Kitchen
(a product developed in collaboration with Muji. In 2015, two of our products, Ospole and Spinning, received iF Design Awards. We will continue our efforts to win design awards as we fine-tune our designs.

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