Innovation × True focus on customers


The industry to which we belong has a problematic market structure.
Customers have great expectations and visions of the ideal outcome when designing their houses. But, due to that problematic structure, they may not be able to obtain the construction materials and members that match their ideas. So, when their houses are completed, they may be disappointed to find that it is different from their original image.

This triggered us to start selling construction materials over the Internet.
Our aim is to allow individual customers to select construction materials freely for themselves
from a wide range of options, and help them remain true to their own style when enjoying the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of building their own house.

The prices of materials, indicated on the Internet do not vary according to buyer. This transparent pricing, as well as our direct ordering and sales system, allows us to provide products at low prices. As a result, we have succeeded in making customers feel more secure and more satisfied about pricing.


We are committed to introducing innovation into the distribution system of our industry,
in order to put the true focus on customers.
We can help you have your house, something you buy only once in your lifetime, fully reflect your choices. We can allow you to choose from goods imported from around the world. We can allow you to obtain high-quality items at lower costs through a simplified distribution system. We offer customers these and other advantages.

A new business model for the industry

We have developed an expanding network of architects and building firms that sympathize with our business model.
There have been a growing number of cases in which a business introduces our company to an owner to encourage the direct placement of consumer orders. This means that a new style of business is being developed in our industry.

For high customer satisfaction when constructing or refurbishing a house

We actively hold events at showrooms and participate in various exhibitions to communicate our business to people who are thinking of constructing or refurbishing their houses.

Our aim is to change our industry so that its common practices allow customers to achieve high levels of satisfaction when constructing or refurbishing their homes by incorporating their choices; and architects to avail themselves of wider choices in architectural expression. We passionately hope to change even the long-held belief that a house is a costly item on your shopping list. We think that we can do a significant service to society by fulfilling only this mission.

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