Total dedication to customers

Since its founding in 1979, Sanwa Company has adhered to the motto “total dedication to customers” in importing and marketing construction materials, and designing, developing, and marketing house equipment.

Our aims are to provide customers with simple and refined products based on a minimalistic design concept, to allow them to design space freely;
to enhance the satisfaction of owners in constructing or refurbishing their houses;
to allow architects to expand their choices in expression;
and, to achieve a universal pricing system that assures the same prices for all buyers, by reducing costs through the simplification of distribution.

We are prepared to take up the various challenges that we encounter to achieve these aims. In the belief that our social responsibility lies in fulfilling these aims, and thereby energizing the construction industry, we will continue introducing innovations to the industry.

Our new management policy is to establish a stronger Sanwa brand based on the business foundations we have built until now, and actively promote the global development of our business to make Sanwa a global enterprise.

We are dedicated to living up to your expectations.
Taro Yamane, President of Sanwa Company Ltd.
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